★ Verisign Powers iPhone Two-Factor Authentication

I just saw an article that Verisign now has a free iPhone app offering two-factor authentication:

The security app offers two-factor identification designed to strengthen protection on e-commerce site and with other online accounts. As of today’s launch, Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) said it has signed up over 40 Web sites as participating members of its VIP Network, including eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY), PayPal and AOL.

I personally think this is a great thing.  I previously used a Verisign token to protect my OpenID account at pip.verisignlabs.com.  It was always a pain in the you-know-what to carry around, so I never extended it to be used with my PayPal or Ebay accounts.  I ALWAYS have my handy iPhone nearby, so I immediately downloaded the app, activated it, and tied it to my PIP account.  It worked like a charm.  Next is setting it up with paypal, ebay, etc.

Anyone else have experience with these virtual tokens?  Any cons that I should be aware of?

2 thoughts on “★ Verisign Powers iPhone Two-Factor Authentication

  1. What a great app. Who wants to carry extra key fobs around!? I hope we see more web sites participate in this. I remember reading an article about Blizzard (http://ow.ly/2yna) offering a token device to further secure the user’s account. Why haven’t our banking websites offered this?


  2. mike.trachta » Facebook to Support OpenID

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